UV Flat Printer 600x600mm

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  • Name: UV Flat Printer (Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer)
  • Printing Area: 600x600mm
  • Max. working thickness : 135mm
  • Height Adjustment: Automatic lifting controlled by software
  • Printing Nozzles: Micro voltage type 720 nozzle, Epson xp600
  • Ink System: 500ml*6colors
  • Ink Type: UV ink
  • Printing Resolution: 720*720dpi
  • Application Material: Almost all regular flat surface or pillar surface
  • H.S. Code: 84433221.00
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    Part I. Summary.
    Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer (UV Flat Printer) is a high-tech, free-form full-color digital press that is not limited by materials and can be used in T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystals. , PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces for color photo-level printing.
    No need for plate making and printing at one time, the color is bright and rich, wear-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, easy to operate, fast printing image, fully in line with industrial printing standards.

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    Part II. Specification.

    Name Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer (UV Flat Printer)
    Model No. BT-UV6060
    Printing Area 600x600mm
    Max. Thickness Of Flat Printing Material 135mm
    Printing Nozzles Micro voltage type 720 nozzle, Epson xp600
    Printing Color Full color printing, varnish
    Printing Speed Fast 8minutes / sheet, regular speed 15minutes/sheet (each sheet including 32pcs of 4.7inch cell phone shells, or 21pcs of 5.5inch cell phone shells.)
    Ink Type UV ink
    Ink System 500ml*6 colors
    Printing Resolution 720*720dpi
    Printing Height Adjustment Automatic lifting controlled by software
    Printing Software Uitra Print / PotoPrint
    Printing Weight Lossless precision weight 10kg, 5% lossy precision weight 11-25kg.
    Printing Direction Smart printing
    Power Supply  AC110V or AC220V +/-10%
    Connection Type  USB2.0
    Operation System XP, Win 7 etc.
    Working Surrouding  10-35C, 20-80RH
    Net Weight  150kg
    Gross Weight (Packed in free-fumigation wooden crate)  200kg
    Machine Dimension (L*W*H)  1350*1100*650mm
    Wooden Crate Dimension (L*W*H)  1500*1200*720mm

     Part III. Application.
    1. It can printer on almost all of flat surface objects, including but not limited to glass, plastic, acrylic, metal, ceramic tile, stone plate, leather, cloth, paper etc. Main usual products printed by the machine including but not limited to cell phone shell, clothes, acrylic photo, glass photo, ceramic tile etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2. Now the machine is upgraded with the rotary clamp system, which makes the machine can print on pillar object, including but not limited to wine bottle, glass, cup etc.

    Part IV. Main Feature.

    1. Free coating.It can reduce cost and reduce defect products.
    2. White ink printing, it’s especially useful for printing perfectly on dark color material or transparent material.
    3. Varnish effect.It can print partial or full-surface varnish effect to increase brightness and protection and increase product value.

    4. Embossing effect. Make the printed product more concave and convex, 3D effect.
    5. UV protection, especially in the outdoor advertising industry (roughly 3-5 years outdoors).
    6. Stable performance.The imported Leadshine servo motor is used to ensure 24 hours continuous uninterrupted and stable operation.
    7. Using cold light source, self-developed PCB printed circuit board, LED curing system (small heat, fast response, long service life).                                            

    Part VI. After-sale Service And Solution.

    1. Warranty: one year (not including ink channel), paid maintenance during whole life time.

    2. Ink: Special anti-blocking high quality UV ink will be sent together with the machine.

    3. Operation Traning: Demo video to teach you how to operate the machine.

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