BT-800DFPH 150L/hour HHO Generator

Short Description:

  • Model No. MOQ: BT-800DFPH
  • Gas Output: 150L/hour
  • Machine Power: 800W
  • M.O.Q: 1set
  • Power Supply: Single Phase AC220V+/-10%, or AC110V+/-10%, or DC 12V / 24V
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance
  • Main Application: Polish acrylic and weld gold / silver jewelry etc.
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    • Product Description

    BT-800DFPH(4) BT-800DFPH(1) BT-800DFPH(3) BT-800DFPH(2)


    Model No. BT-800DFPH
    Power Supply Single Phase AC220V+/-10% or AC110V+/-10%, or DC12V / 24V
    Torch Supporting 2 sets
    Water Consumption 50ml/hour
    Solution Tank Capacity 4.2L
    Proportion of NaOH:Water 500g:1500ml
    Pressure 0.13-0.15Mpa
    Gas Generatioin 150L/hour
    Packing Dimension (LxWxH) 52x31x54cm
    Gross Weight 14kg
    Certificate CE, ISO9001, ISO14001

    • Production Working Principle

    The machine takes water as main consumable material. Water is electrolyzed to generate Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen as fuel, oxygen as combustion-supporting.

    Flame temperature is up to 2800℃。The product after gas combustion is water vapor, non-toxic and does not pollute the environment.

    Main Application

    1)  It is especially suitable for quickly polishing of the side edges, concave surfaces, inner holes and curved edges of plexi-glass (acrylic) advertising crystal characters or craft carving products, which solves the problem that the ordinary polishing wheels cannot.

    2) It is especially suitable for the rapid transparent polishing of fine burrs of plexi-glass products. Suitable for all kinds of material thickness Acrylic rough side fast flame polishing, efficient and simple. Also suitable for carrying the machine to the field environment.

    3) Suitable for precision crafts such as open flame welding, small casting, small part quenching annealing, various wire welding, high temperature material testing, etc. in jewelry factory, gold shop, dental department, glass and other industries.

    Lead Time

    Since it is regular model, ready in stock throughout the year, and will be shipped as soon as payment is received.


    12 months dating from you receiving the machine.

    During warranty period, if some part is broken due to manufacturing defect, we will send you new part to replace freely.

    Payment Terms

    T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance,,  etc.

    Packing Information

    1 set / carton.

    Carton dimension (L*W*H): 52*31*54cm / 0.09CBM, 14kg

    Suggested Shipping Mode

    <10 sets, we suggest shipping by express courier to door, e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.

    >=10 sets, we suggest shipping by sea or by air to port.

    Packing List

    Item Name Quantity
    BT-800DFPH HHO Generator 1set
    Flame Torch 2 sets
    Extra Flame Nozzle 6pcs
    Gas Hose 3pc
    T-cock 1pc
    Flashback Arrestor 1pc
    Funnel 1pc
    NaOH (sodium hydroxide) 500g/bottle 2 bottles
    Power Cord (with European plug, or with British plug, or Chinese plug) 1pc
    User’s Manual and demo video 1set

    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q. What should we prepare for the machine?

    A: 1) Power supply. Single phase AC220V +/- 10% or AC110V+/-10%, or DC12V / 24V.

    2) Water. Distilled water, or pure water, or tap water.

    3) NaOH (sodium hydroxide) or KOH (potassium hydroxide) chemical powder. If the machine is shipped to you by sea, NaOH chemical powder will be enclosed in the package.

    4) Alcohol. You can use laboratory alcohol, industrial alcohol, drinking alcohol, medical alcohol but alcohol concentration should be more than 75%.

    Except the above items, other are all enclosed in the machine package.

    We have demo video to teach you how to use the machine.

    Q. How to make solution?

    A: Mix 500g chemical powder in 1500ml water. Stir them until it is dissolved completely.

    We have demo video to teach you how to make solution.

    Q. What is the  normal AMP value?

    A: When the machine works, the normal AMP value is approximately 10A.

    If you find the value is lower than 10A, please check if the solution strength is enough according to 500g NaOH : 1500ml water.

    If solution strength is enough, please empty solution tank and wash it by clean water completely. Then fill new solution in it.

    Q. Besides NaOH (sodium hydroxide) or KOH (potassium hydroxide), may I use other chemical powder or salt? 

    A: Absolutely NO!!! NaOH (sodium hydroxide) or KOH (potassium hydroxide) are workable for the machine. Any other chemical powder or salt will destroy the machine.

    Q. When I receive the machine, I find it does not work, what’s wrong with it?

    A: 1) Please check if you have added chemical powder as required.

    2) What kind of chemical powder are you using? Is it NaOH (sodium hydroxide) or KOH (potassium hydroxide)?

    3) Please check if solution strength is enough as per 500g : 1500ml.

    Q. When liquid level declines, should I make new solution to replenish in the machine?

    A: No need. When liquid level declines, you just need to replenish water in machine until level up to Normal Water Line. No need to add chemical powder.

    Q. What material is the electrolysis chamber made of?

    A: It is made of 316# stainless steel.

    Q. How should I purchase the machine?

    A: Welcome to purchase through

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