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Qingdao Yuannuo Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd were established in 2014. We specialize in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling various standard and non-standard equipment. Main products include various gas generators, plastic material processing equipment, metal products processing equipment etc. More details please refer to our products catalogue.


Comparing with the competitors, our advantages as below:
The same machine, ours quality is higher.
The same quality level, ours price is competitive.
The same price level, our service is more professional and timely.
Sincerely thank you for selecting Qingdao Yuannuo as your business partner, we will reward you with the best products, the best service and at the best prices.


Produktado Kapacito

partnero Fabrikoj

Produkta Nomo Jara produktado volumo Unueco Tipo
Diamanto Edge Polishing Machine 200 Fiksita / Arojn
CNC Router 300 Fiksita / Arojn
lasera Maŝino 100 Fiksita / Arojn

komerco Kapacito

Komerco & Merkata

ĉefa Merkatoj Tuta Enspezo (%)
hejma Merkato 30.00%
Oceanio 10,00%
Afriko 10,00%
Sudeŭropo 5.00%
Okcidenta Eúropo 5.00%
Norda Eŭropo 5.00%
Mid Oriento 5.00%
orienta Eŭropo 5.00%
Nordameriko 5.00%
Sudameriko 5.00%
Suda Azio 4.00%
Centra Ameriko 4.00%
orienta Azio 4.00%
Sudorienta Azio 3.00%

Eksporti Procento: 61% - 70%

Eksporti Maniero: Havu Propra Eksporto License

Ne de Oficistoj en Komerco Departemento: 6-10 Homoj

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