BT-1200NDP Upgraded Diamond Edge Polishing Machine

Short Description:

  • Model No. : BT-1200NDP
  • Power Supply: Single Phase AC220V+/-10%, or 3 phase AC380V+/-10%.
  • Polish Length: Unlimited
  • Polish Thickness: 0-80mm
  • Polishing Angle: 0 degree
  • Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
  • H.S. Code: 84659300.00
  • Application: Polish rough edge of hard plastic, including but not limited to Acrylic, Perspex, PETG, PVC, PC etc
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    BT-1200NDP(6) 拷贝 BT-1200NDP(3) 拷贝 BT-1200NDP(4) 拷贝 BT-1200NDP(1) 拷贝 BT-1200NDP(2) 拷贝

    • Specification Specification

    Model No. BT-1200NDP
    Working Length Unlimited
    Max. Working Thickness 80mm
    Power Supply Single phase AC220V+/-10%, or 3 phase AC380V +/-10%. For USA and Canada, we can design the electricity circuit specially, so that it will fit local power supply directly without tranformer.
    Rotation Speed of Spindle 2000-6600rpm
    Cutting Speed 0-1000mm/min (600mm/min is the best working status)
    Spindle Ending Beat ≤0.01mm
    Workbench Beeling Tolerance 0.05mm
    Diameter of Dust Collector Mouth 50mm (combined with machine)
    Gross Power 4kW
    Cutting Depth 0-0.5mm adjustable
    Cutting Mode Material feeding
    Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 188*83*116cm
    Gross Weight (including free-fumigation wooden case) 480kg
    Certificate CE, ISO9001, ISO14001


    In traditional plexiglass products processing, the workers always use bench polisher or flame polisher to polish the plexiglass surface, whose disadvantage is low efficiency, high labor cost, large wastage but the polishing finish is not perfect.

    The Diamond Edge Polishing Machine, adopts Monocrystal and PCD tool to cut plexiglass finely so to get mirror finish surface. After polished, the products are high transparent, non discoloring, , especially perfect as light guide plate.

    Before Polished.

    sample (before polished)

    After Polished.

    sample (after polished)

    •Technical Feature

    1.Double guide belt drives synchronously, avoid efficiently work piece dislocating and damaging cutters.

    2.One end of guide belt is adjustable, avoid feeding direction not parallel with guide way completely.

    3.The worktable can be extended to 1800mm so to polish large format plate, no need manual supporting but plate will be fed steadily.

    4.New protection device for cutting disc, to avoid efficiently cutters damage.

    5.Imported high quality diamond cutters with perfect polish finish and longer working life. Automatic polishing by machine, reduce labor .

    6.Cutting thickness make-up automatically, it can cutting different thickness work pieces continuously, max. Tolerance is 6mm.

    7.The dust collector tank is equipped with filter net, better to collect powder created during working.

    8.New design dust collector, more powerful and better dust collecting ability.

    9.CW3000 water chiller is equipped on the machine.


    ● Cutting Tools

    The machine is equipped with 1pc of monocrystal diamond cutter and 2pcs of PCD diamond cutters.

    diamond cutters

    • Packing List

    Item Name Quantity
    BT-1200NDP Upgraded Diamond Edge Polishing Machine 1set
    Full set of vacuum Dust Collector 1set
    Inner hexagon spanner 1set (in toolbox)
    Cutter head and cutters including 1pc of monocrystal diamond cutter and 2pcs of PCD diamond cutters 1set (equipped on the machine)
    Calibration disc for cutters 1pc (in toolbox)
    A screw for disassembling cutter head 1pc (in toolbox)
    Dialgauge 1pc (equipped on the machine)
    Feeler 1set (in toolbox)
    User’s Manual 1book

    Lead Time

    7 days dating from payment is received.

    When you place order, please kindly advise us which kind of power supply you need, single phase AC220+/-10%, or 3 phase AC380+/-10%, or special electricity circuit for USA and Canada countries and areas.


    2 years dating from you receiving the machine.

    During warranty period, if some part is broken due to manufacturing defect, we will send you new part to replace freely.

    Payment Terms

    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, Credit Card through aliexpress etc.

    Packing Information

    1 set / Free-fumigation wooden case.

    Carton dimension (L*W*H): 188*83*116cm /1.81CBM, 480kg.

    IMG_20170615_113914 IMG_20170615_113929

    Suggested Shipping Mode

    By sea or by air.

    We also can arrange shipment to your door directly. If you need delivery to door service, please kindly advise us your address in details including door number, street number, city  name, zip code etc for our checking total shipping cost to door.

    • Working Room

    图片3 图片4

    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q. What should we prepare for the machine?

    A: 1) Power supply. Single phase AC220V +/- 10%, or 3 phase AC380V+/-10%, according the machine you purchased.

    2) Water. For cooling system.

    Q. What is consumable material of the machine?

    A: Just cutters are consumable part of the machine.

    Diamond cutters purchasing link to

    Q. What is cutters’ working life?

    A. In normal condition, the cutters working life is 8hour/day*30 days / month * 2.5 months=600 hours.

    Q. When the cutters become dull, should we abandon them directly?

    A: No. They can be resharpened then be used again.

    You buy machine from us, we resharpen cutters for you during the whole lifespan of the cutters freely.

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    Or contact us for more details of the machine.

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